PPSC Punjab PCS Exam Notification

Punjab PCS 2016 exam notification buzz. You can visit this page to view PPSC PCS Mains examination tips and discussions. PCS Main Exam result status. PCS 2016 latest news. Punjab Public Service Commission Choti Baradari Patiala.

PPSC Punjab PCS 2016 exam notification buzz

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  1. Re: Punjab PCS 2017 notification

    Posted by Anonymous, (2017-03-19 8:28:14)

    Friends any update about Punjab PCS 2017 exam notification

  2. Re:

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-09-19 12:55:33)


  3. Re:

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-08-31 8:05:24)

    Any news about the Punjab Naib Tehsildar exam notification?

  4. Re: pcs 2016 notification news

    Posted by Varinder, (2016-08-24 9:41:12)

    PCS 2016 notification will be issued in Sept month. i received this information from internal sources. So keep on preparing for pcs 2016 pre exam.

  5. Re:

    Posted by new, (2016-07-21 11:07:27)

    ਕੀ ਇਸ ਵਾਰ PCS ਹੋੲੇਗਾ ਯਾ ਨਹੀ?

  6. Re: Aim

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-07-14 6:35:01)

    I did not appeared for dsp trails. what will happen if i am eligible for dsp post based on final merit?

  7. Re: Physical test

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-07-12 7:21:12)

    Best of Luck all the aspirants for PCS physical test for dsp posts.

  8. Re: @PCS Insider

    Posted by Parvinder, (2016-07-10 10:37:18)

    Why sir no chances?

  9. Re: PCS 2016 @Gladiator

    Posted by PCS Insider, (2016-07-10 10:35:25)

    No chances

  10. Re: PCS 2016

    Posted by Gladiator, (2016-07-10 10:17:35)

    Any possibility of PCS 2016… ? Shall we expect notification …..

  11. Re: PCS 2016

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-07-06 12:32:19)

    Any news about PCS 2016. I have heared from somebody that this time pcs pre csat paper will be qualifying only. is it true?

  12. Re: pcs interview board and duration

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-07-05 3:53:01)

    What will be the duration of pcs interview for each candidate. what will be the structure of interview board.

  13. Re: punjab pcs exam 2016

    Posted by Mithlesh, (2016-07-05 2:40:34)

    Will the punjab pcs exam held this year. what will be the exam pattern this year?

  14. Re: PCS dsp physical test news

    Posted by Anonymous, (2016-07-05 2:35:31)

    Hi guys.
    any news about punjab pcs dsp physical test?

  15. Re: PCS interview Tips

    Posted by Parvinder, (2016-07-05 2:28:13)

    I am appearing for pcs interview first time so i am very nervous. Kindly give me some tips for pcs interview.

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